Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Revolution in Computers

Jackson, Cari. Revolution in Computers. Marshall Cavendish Benchmark. 2010. ISBN:9780761443759.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about computers. It begins with taking you back to the first "real" computers, known as the "Mark I". The book also gives a biography about Howard Aiken and how the Mark I worked. The author proceeds to explain how sharing music is illegal. Then she introduces Grace Murray Hopper. This book teached you about the Binary code, and gives a biography on Ms. Hopper. This book also tells you about PC's and a programming software called Net Logo.

We then go into the world of chips and the Microprocessor. We are introduced to Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce and the age old struggle between Apple and Microsoft. This book teaches us about the operating system (OS), and we see Mr. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. To wrap it up, we take a quick look at Tim Berners-Lee, and Jaron Lanier. Who are they? Well, Tim made the internet and Jaron invented virual reality!
I like this book mainly because I am a computer person. I think it teaches basic facts and maybe a thing or two extra. I would recommend this book to kids who want to learn about computers. Not too young of kids though, but around the 4th grade level. The cute, comical pictures should help them to get through it.

B.C. St. Pius X School, 7th grade

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