Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Edward and the Eureka Lucky Wish Company

Todd, Barbara. Edward and the Eureka Lucky Wish Company. Kids Can Press Ltd.: 2009. ISBN: 9781554532643.

Edward and the Eureka Lucky Wish Company is about a young boy named Edward who wants to fly and nothing else. He gets a dollar from his mom and goes to the park. While there, Edward finds a booth where he gets a coupon for three wishes. The booth is called Eureka Lucky Wish Company. At the very end, Edward may or may not fly. I will let you find out! The art in the book is more for children. The illustrator uses cartoon figures and bright colors. I thought the book was pretty good for the 7-11 age group. My favorite part is when Edward uses his last wish on an accident.

A.G. 6th grade, Eastwood Middle School

Mabel One and Only

Muirhead, Margaret. Mabel One and Only. Dial Books for Young Readers: 2009. ISBN: 9780803731981.

In Mabel One and Only, Mabel and Jack the dog want to help people with things like the garden and at the bakery. Unfortunately, no one needs help today. They find a box, climb in, and ride to outer space. While she's there, Mabel finds out that people do want her around. The illustrations show adventure with action and detail. They also show emotion. My favorite part was when they went to outer space. I recommend this book to kids of any age.

M.H. 5th grade, Eastwood Schools

Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale

Kirk, Daniel. Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale. Abrams Books for Young Readers: 2009. ISBN: 9780810989276.

The Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale is about a little mouse who lives in a hole in the wall under a book shelf. He wants to make a friend, and he finds one, Tom, while doing research at the library. The faces show emotion, and it almost looks like real people. This art work is very colorful. This book keeps you guessing. My favorite part is when Sam the mouse leaves footprints all over the table, and Tom finds out where he lives. Yes, I do recommend it to other kids, ages 3-9, who want to find friends at the library.

S.P. 5th Grade, Webster Elementary

Mermaid Queen

Corey, Shana. Mermaid Queen. Scholastic Press: 2009. ISBN: 9780439698351.

Mermaid Queen is a story about a girl who lived in Australia. Her mom and dad were both music teachers. But there was one thing wrong, she had braces on her legs. So her dad taught her to swim, then she would speed through the waters . When she got older, she invented the bathing suit for women. She would jump off the diving board and make up new tricks. The art in the story is really colorful. It is done in painted illustrations and photographs. I recommend it to girls ages 7-13 who are interested in swimming.

M.M. 5th grade, Webster Elementary