Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pterosaur Trouble

          Loxton, Daniel. Pterosaur Trouble. Kids Can Press. 2013. ISBN: 9781554536320.

In this book, a bird flies to a stream to get a drink then tiny dinosaurs attack it and it gets away!  The author's writing style is difficult.  There are some hard names to pronounce but I think he did this to try to make the story more interesting.  In the illustrations, the background was realistic looking and the bird looked like computer animation.  I would recommend this book to 7 or 8 year olds and kids who are interested in dinoaurs should definitely read this book!

Aubrey Nyiri, age 10

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Come Back, Ben

Hassett, Ann & John. Come Back, Ben. Holiday House. 2013. ISBN: 9780823425990

The story is about imagination and levels through Earth and space.  It is a fun way to learn where in the atmosphere each object is, although the story is, in fact, fictional.  The author's style is repetitive in order to keep young children connected to the story.  The illustrations are simple but eye grabbing.  Each picture centers in on the object the text is focused on.  The objects look like cut outs placed together.  I believe the book would be a fun read for preschoolers, Kindergarteners, or even first graders.  It is a good way to keep their imagination alive.

Katherine McPhillips, BGSU student

Tallulah's Toe Shoes

Singer, Marilyn. Tallulah's Toe Shoes. Clarion Books. 2013. ISBN: 9780547482231
  Tallulah wants so badly to be able to dance on pointe.  She tries and tries until the ballet just becomes too hard.  Through her journey she learns through hard work and time, she will become a beautiful pointe dancer.  There is no need to rush.
  Marilyn Singer did an excellent job grasping the emotions of Tallulah and other characters in the story.  The story had a beginning, middle, and great ending with excellent morals and lessons.  The illustrations are very vivid and appealing to the reader.  They go beautifully with the story.
  I loved the book.  I would recommend it to young girls who have dreams to become a dancer.  Tallulah is a great inspiration to these girls.  Ages 4 to 10.

Sydney Brinsky, BGSU student

See Me Dig

Meisel, Paul. See Me Dig. Holiday House. 2013. ISBN: 9780823427437.

This story is about a group of dogs who enjoy digging and are searching for the best place to dig together.  The author's writing style is easy to understand, yet still uses fun surprises.  The illustrations in this book are vibrant and very creative with many different animals.  I liked this book.  It was very cute and would be a fun book for beginning readers to start with.  This book would appeal to children ages 3 to 7. 

Leslie McGriff, BGSU student

What a Party!

Machado, Ana Maria. What a Party! Groundwood Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781554981687 
The story is about a boy whose birthday is coming up and his mother suggests that he invite a friend over.  He then decides to ask his friends by writing an invitation to come over for his birthday.  The language is relatively simple but would be easier to read aloud since there are multicultural words used.  The illustrations caught my eye because they are very bright and colorful.  The illustrations helped make the book whole as they show multiculturalism throughout the book, which I liked.  I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it be read to children ages 5 to 10.

Paige Ricker, BGSU student