Thursday, January 21, 2010

China: Wildlife

Tidey, John and Jackie Tidey. China:Wildlife. Marshall Cavendish: 2009. ISBN: 9780761431619.

The book I read was about China's Wildlife. It is a non-fiction book. Some of the wildlife in china include giant pandas, takins, snow leopards, elephants, and more. This book had some very interesting photographs. Unlike other bears, pandas do not hibernate. Golden monkeys are also called snub-nosed monkeys because of their turned up nose. My opinion was that the book itself could be more interesting, but the photographs were very detailed. I would recommend this book to people who love learning about wildlife.

S.R. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.


Mara, Will. Coyotes. Marshall Cavendish: 2009. ISBN: 9780761429289.

This book is about how coyotes adapt and live and survive. It also shows their life cycle. The people that took the pictures look like they got really close to coyotes. It feels like you're actually there up close. This book is really interesting. I know a lot about animals, but I learned a bit more about coyotes. My opinion is that this is a great book, because you can learn more about coyotes and how they live and adapt. Also, this book is fascinating because it shows how coyotes hunt and protect their young. I would recommend this book to ages ten plus or minus a few years. I think they would like to know about coyotes and what they are to people and themselves.

J.N. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Deep Sea Extremes

Hyde, Natalie. Deep Sea Extremes. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN: 9780778745013.

The art work in this book was photographs, diagrams, and some close-up pictures. Also computer generated art. The book is about different deep sea animals and the human experience. There are also some amazing facts. it is also about how their food is made and how they get it. I really liked this book because it had some cool pictures and awesome information. Some pages were about how animals live on the ocean flood in darkness. The people who would enjoy this book would be anyone who likes deep sea animals and the human experience. It would be this group, because it was about deep sea things.

L.H. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.


Hillenbrand, Will. Louie!. Philomel Books: 2009. ISBN: 9780399247071.

Louie is a young pig that has a great talent of painting. He has a hard time though to show everyone how great it is . He never stops drawing even in the really hard times. I enjoyed this book, because it has a life lesson in it to never give up even when it gets hard. I would recommend this book to kids ages 7 to fourteen, because that is when things get hard. So they should not give up on their dreams, goals, and what they believe in.

M.V. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forensic Evidence Blood

Stille, Darlene. Forensic Evidence Blood. Crabtree:2009. ISBN: 9780778738152.

My book is about a crime scene. It tells what they do in crime science. Also there is a missing person and the two suspects are the ex-girlfriend and her roomate. A body has been found in the bottom of a pond. There is a bloody knife found in the bushes. Is the body the missing person? Who committed the crimes? I liked the book, because it was a mystery. Also there was a lot of things to be figured out. On two pages there are two blood types found and they belong to the missing man and the suspect. How that they belonged to the missing person and the suspect is by scientist taking it to the lab, and taking blood samples of the suspects and the missing person. I think people that like mysteries would love this book. It woudl be great for ages 10-14.

D.S. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Mountain Extremes

Richardson, Gilliam. Mountain Extremes. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN: 9780778745037.

My book was mostly informing the reader on animals from the mountains to animals in the rain forest.The photographs were pictures of real animals and real landscapes. The pictures are bright and colorful and they are also very clear for the reader to see. A picture I really liked was on page 14, the picture was of a bull with lots of yellow hair from Scotland. I liked the book, because it was very informational. The book also described what the animals were. one of my favorite pages was page 14. Another page I liked was page 5 of the American mountains. The pictures were very clear and it was easy to see. I would recommend this book to someone who likes informative books. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes thrills, like the part about a mud slide killed 23,000 people in second.

B.K. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Werewolf Attack

Townsend, John. Werewolf Attack. Crabtree:2009. ISBN: 9780778737735.

My book is about if werewolfs were real. It describes why people thought men could turn into wolves on a full moon. Also, it shows people's beliefs on something that is not real. It also tells how to kill a werewolf. I liked this book, because it had great and exciting graphics and pictures. I did not like it because it was not exciting and thrilling. If it was scary and had funny parts in it I would have liked it more. I recommend this book to children ages 8 to 10. I did not really take interest in it, because I am older, but someone younger may like this book and its graphics.

W.K. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.


Bradley, Michael. Mustang. Marshall Cavendish: 2009. ISBN:978076142982.

This book has a story about a person who sleeps in a mustang that he wants. He gets the Mustang. I liked the book, because I like Mustangs. There are Mustangs from 1969-2008. I liked the pictures. I would recommend this to kids who like mustangs and cars and are between the ages of 8 and 12.

C.D. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Ghosts of Flight 401

Walker, Kathryn. Ghosts of Flight 401. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN:0778741427.

This book is about the unsolved mystery of the ghost of flight 401. On December 29, 1972 Eastern Airlines Tristar plane number 310 crashed in the everglades in Florida. There were 176 passengers on board, and only 75 survived. Both Captain Bob Loft and engineer Don Repo died in the crash. A couple months after the crash passengers on the Eastern Tristar planes started to see strange things on the planes. Once there was too many passengers on board, and the extra passenger was wearing an Eastern Airlines suit. The flight attendant spoke to the man, but he disappeared in front of everyone. Right before he disappeared a man said he was Don Repo. I really enjoyed this book, because it is filled with excitement. Like when the ghosts keep disappearing you would wonder what would happen. I would recommend this book to children and adults of all ages who enjoy ghost stories.

H.P. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

Galileo's Telescope

Bailey, Gerry and Karen Foster. Galileo's Telescope. Illustrated by Leighton Noyes and Karen Radford. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN: 9780778736943.

Galileo Galilei, was a famous mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. People believed he wanted to be a painter when he grew up, because he was surrounded by that in his childhood, but he had a natural talent for something else that made a difference. When he was in school he had to drop out on many occasions for being a troublemaker. He was so interested in ideas he set up a workshop and made so many successful inventions. He studied stars and made a telescope that could magnify so far to make him famous. He was put on trial for offending the church, but his success with his telescope and his other inventions will live on forever. I find this book interesting with all the artwork and stories about his whole life. It brought me back to that time. I would recommend this book to boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 13 . This would also be for people who like history, science, and astronomy.
A.R. Grade 7. Eastwood Middle School.