Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forensic Evidence Blood

Stille, Darlene. Forensic Evidence Blood. Crabtree:2009. ISBN: 9780778738152.

My book is about a crime scene. It tells what they do in crime science. Also there is a missing person and the two suspects are the ex-girlfriend and her roomate. A body has been found in the bottom of a pond. There is a bloody knife found in the bushes. Is the body the missing person? Who committed the crimes? I liked the book, because it was a mystery. Also there was a lot of things to be figured out. On two pages there are two blood types found and they belong to the missing man and the suspect. How that they belonged to the missing person and the suspect is by scientist taking it to the lab, and taking blood samples of the suspects and the missing person. I think people that like mysteries would love this book. It woudl be great for ages 10-14.

D.S. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

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