Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Werewolf Attack

Townsend, John. Werewolf Attack. Crabtree:2009. ISBN: 9780778737735.

My book is about if werewolfs were real. It describes why people thought men could turn into wolves on a full moon. Also, it shows people's beliefs on something that is not real. It also tells how to kill a werewolf. I liked this book, because it had great and exciting graphics and pictures. I did not like it because it was not exciting and thrilling. If it was scary and had funny parts in it I would have liked it more. I recommend this book to children ages 8 to 10. I did not really take interest in it, because I am older, but someone younger may like this book and its graphics.

W.K. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

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