Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mountain Extremes

Richardson, Gilliam. Mountain Extremes. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN: 9780778745037.

My book was mostly informing the reader on animals from the mountains to animals in the rain forest.The photographs were pictures of real animals and real landscapes. The pictures are bright and colorful and they are also very clear for the reader to see. A picture I really liked was on page 14, the picture was of a bull with lots of yellow hair from Scotland. I liked the book, because it was very informational. The book also described what the animals were. one of my favorite pages was page 14. Another page I liked was page 5 of the American mountains. The pictures were very clear and it was easy to see. I would recommend this book to someone who likes informative books. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes thrills, like the part about a mud slide killed 23,000 people in second.

B.K. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

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