Monday, May 03, 2010

The JellyBeans and the Big Book Bonanza

Numeroff, Laura, and Nate Evans. The JellyBeans and the Big Book Bonanza. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Abrams Book for Young Readers. 2010. ISBN: 9780810984127.

The book The JellyBeans and the Big Book Bonanza is about Anna and her best friends. It shows and talks about how much Anna likes to read and where she reads. Anna always wanted her friends to go to the library with her. One day, their teacher assigned a book report. Each student had to read a book about something they loved then write a report on it. So Anna and her friends went to the library but had problems finding their own books. What I liked most about this book was how close Anna was to her friends. I also liked how much Anna loved to read. One of the things that will catch the readers eye on every page is the illustrations. They are fantastic! The illustrations are water colors. The words are also amazing. Kids will definitely want to keep reading. I would recommend The JellyBeans and the Big Book Bonanza to kindergartens through fourth graders. They will love this book because of the words and because of the colorful and fun pictures.

E.C., St. Pius X School, 7th grade

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