Sunday, May 02, 2010

Amy's Light

Nutt, Robert. Amy's Light. Dawn Publication. 2010. ISBN: 9781584691280.
My book is about a little girl named Amy who wishes that it was daytime. She goes outside and catches fireflies in a jar. She takes them to her room but the lights dim. She lets them go and they light up again. The illustrations are nice because they look like somebody's real house. I think that Robert Nutt did a very good job illustrating this book. I love looking at Amy's face on the front cover and all the other illustration in the book. My favorite part was when Amy let the fireflies out of the jar and they lit up again because Amy learned something. I think it is cool that the fireflies would not light up in the jar, only outside of the jar. I would recommend Amy's Light to little kids because they might understand how Amy feels and it might make them want to catch fireflies and see if they dim their lights.

I.B., Kenwood School, Third Grade

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