Saturday, May 01, 2010

Punctuation Celebration

Bruno, Elsa Knight. Punctuation Celebration. Henry Holt & Co. 2009. ISBN:9780805079739 .

This non-fiction book is about learning about punctuation marks and what their jobs are in sentences. In this story, they are having a game with all kinds of sports. Once we learn about the punctuation, the author writes out sentences for examples. The illustrations are drawings and water color paintings. There are punctuation marks on every page and people on every page. There is always an illustration that describes the example sentence. My favorite part is the beginning where the games starts. Some of the games were a potato sack race, a 3-legged race, a parenthesis jump rope, and a running race. I would recommend this book to my sister and my friend because I think they would like this book. I would say that this is an okay, but not a great book.

H.M. Kenwood School, 3rd grade

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