Saturday, May 01, 2010

Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration

Berkes, Marianne. Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration. Dawn Publications. 2010. ISBN: 9781584691266.

Going Home is about what different kinds of animals do to survive. I like that it has enough types of animals to make it interesting but not too many to make it boring. The illustrations are nice because it shows the animal it talks about on that page doing what it is talking about. The background also looks very nice. I like the different shades of all of the colors. My favorite part was the part about the loggerhead turtle because I like turtles. I also liked the illustration on that page. I also think it is interesting how loggerhead turtles lay eggs and the baby turtles swim out into the ocean. I would recommend this book to any age because I think that many people would have a fun time reading it and would all like learning about what different types of animals do to survive.
P.N., Kenwood School, Third Grade

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