Friday, May 14, 2010

Errol and His Extraordinary Nose

Conway, David. Errol and His Extraordinary Nose. Holiday House. 2010. ISBN: 9780823422623.

This book is about a little elephant who is trying to find a special talent that he has. There is a talent show coming up at his school. Everyone else has talent and he doesn't. The lesson could be that everyone is special in their own way. Everyone has something unique that they can do. The artwork is cartoonish and brightly colored. It is also expressive in showing what the character is feeling. It is very big and easy to see. The pictures also show the mood and time of day it is. I liked the book because it shows a good lesson that everyone is special in their own way. It is also very colorful and illustrated in a way that is very attractive. The page where the chameleon brothers sing the song, "Sing a Rainbow". I really like it because it says their best talent is making friends, which is a good way to end the book. I think that younger kids would enjoy it. Kids 3-7 years old would benefit and enjoy it especially. Any age group would enjoy it but I think this is the age group it is focused on.
J.D., Homeschooled Group, Upper Grades.

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