Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Wendigo

The Wendigo
By Vincent Goodwin, illustrated by Rod Espinosa
Minneapolis:  Magic Wagon, 2014
Mr. Simpson joins a seasoned hunter named Joseph Defago for his first moose hunt. While in the forest, Defago goes missing and Simpson must track him. However, the tracks mysteriously change and begin to resemble the tracks of a creature from native folklore--the Wendigo. Simpson and company must try to find Defago, hoping it is not too late.

The author writes this story as a comic book. All the writing is short. There is simple dialogue.

The illustrations are colorful, detailed, comic-like depictions of the setting of the story. They help the reader follow along with the scene.

This story was difficult to follow along. It was challenging to distinguish which character was which. The story was also very broken and there felt like there was a lot of information missing. I would not recommend this book to many readers unless they really wished to read a comic book, for it is a tough storyline to follow.

--Reviewed by A. G.

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