Friday, June 20, 2014

A Brave New Mouse: Ellis Island Approved Immigrant

Horender, Philip M, and Guy Wolek. A Brave New Mouse: Ellis Island Approved Immigrant. Minneapolis, Minn: Magic Wagon, 2014.

This book told the story of a time traveling mouse, named Maximilian, who is trying to get back home. On his journey, he meets a new friend, Ashling, who is traveling from her home in Ireland to the great country of America.
The author uses detailed sentences and colorful language to grab the attention of the readers.

The illustrations are detailed and portray the story well.

I enjoyed reading this book.  I would recommend it for social studies classes and for students who are interested in history books that have extra excitement in them.

This book would appeal to ages 8-12 year olds

Publisher: Magic Wagon

Reviewer: Lyndsey Jones

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