Thursday, June 19, 2014

Byrd & Igloo: A Polar Adventure

Seiple, Samantha. Byrd & Igloo: A Polar Adventure. Scholastic, 2013. 

This story is about a man and his dog racing to beat someone else to be the first to fly over the North Pole. The book is full of their adventures during their journey.

The writing style is very descriptive including a variety of vocabulary. The writing is engaging but not too confusing. 

Most of the photos are historic photographs and maps. The pictures include scenes from the North Pole, birds, boats, dogs, etc.

I liked this book because it's an interesting true story, which can be integrated with many other subjects. Yes, i recommend it for students looking to learn or to read for a class. Age ranges to which this book would appeal: 4th grade to 6th grade.

S.K., BGSU Student

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