Friday, June 20, 2014

A Brave New Mouse: Ellis Island Approved Immigrant

A Brave New Mouse: Ellis Island Approved Immigrant

By Philip Horender, Illustrated by Guy Wolek
Minneapolis, MN: Magic Wagon, 2014

A time-traveling mouse, who is trying to locate a new home for his family, finds himself aboard a ship heading for America. On this ship he meets a little girl whose family is looking for a new home as well. The author uses lots of descriptive and colorful adjectives to really add feeling and meaning to the story. This comes into play primarily when the author is describing the mouse and the little girl's emotions. The illustrations in the book were all done with what appeared to be black and white. They were all fairly realistic looking and added more meaning to the story, especially the Statue of Liberty. I was not a huge fan of this book, although it was written very well. It just wasn't for me. I would recommend it to 6th or 7th grade students who want something to read.

Reviewed by Steven Brooks

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