Monday, June 09, 2014

The Very Beary Tooth Fairy

The Very Beary Tooth Fairy
By Arthur A. Levine, Illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen
Scholastic, 2013, ages 6-9

This story was about a young bear, Zach, with a loose tooth. He is on a mission to find out if the tooth fairy will be a human, of whom his parents have warned him, or a bear. The bear's dialogue is cute. The mother growls at her cubs in an exasperated tone as they act like normal children do. I like that the author has personified the bears like people.

The illustrations do a very good job of telling the story. They are very detailed and show he characters' actions well. The technique is mostly pencil and watercolor.

I would recommend this book for a younger reader or an at-home read-aloud with parents. Maybe even a teacher who is talking about dental hygiene with younger students might find this book useful.

--Review by Jessica Lang

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