Monday, June 23, 2014

Adele: Grammy-Winning Singer & Songwriter

Adele:  Grammy-Winning Singer & Songwriter
By Lisa Owings
Minneapolis:  ABDO, 2013, Ages 10-14

This story is a biography about the challenges faced by a young singer/songwriter, the accomplishments and relationships she had. The book also identifies significant life events of Adele during her career and lifetime up until 2012.

The verbs "extensive," "crushed" and "cultivating her own unique sound" are words and phrases that grabbed my attention while reading this book. The style in particular is more straight forward, using some forms of metaphors and humor to entertain the reader.

There were pictures illustrating the text that portrayed the progression of Adele's life. The primary medium is pictures with vibrant colors. The illustration that I believe is the most effective was of her singing on page 72. This describes the emotion and passion Adele displays and wants others to see.

The book meets my expectations. I only wish the book had more failures of Adele in her music career, this would add more validity to the author's argument of Adele being so successful. I would recommend this to other kids because it is enjoyable and not too in-depth reading. Kids or young adults from about 10-14 would be interested in this biography.

--Reviewed by S. F.

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