Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Manners with Your Teachers

Good Manners with Your Teachers
by Rebecca Felix, illustrated by Gary Lacoste
Minneapolis:  Magic Wagon, 2014

The story follows Mia and Nate throughout their day in school. It shows the two making decisions on how to show good manners towards their teachers. Throughout the story, they give tips to students about manners.

The author's writing style is very professional and uses verbs to show how the students should behave. On certain pages there are helpful tips for the reader.

There are illustrations on every page. They are computer generated cartoons that students will like because they resemble shows they watch on television.

As a future special education teacher, I would recommend it for students in my class. It would be a great social story for students who may be having trouble behaving in class.

--Reviewed by L. G.

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