Tuesday, June 24, 2014


By Kenny Abdo, illustrated by Bob Doucet
Edina, Minn. : Magic Wagon, c2014

In Edwin West Elementary fourth grader Jon Gummyshoes is the main detective.  If anyone can solve mysteries, it is Jon!  Jon does not seem like he has a clue of what he is doing until it clicks with him solving cheating and stealing mysteries.

The author used an interesting writing style that kept me engaged.  It was mysterious, so I did not always see what was coming.  It was also quite adventurous for me to read.

I thought the illustrations were great.  They were exactly what I pictured while reading the text.  It was nice getting a visual every so often.

I thought this was a great book to read and I enjoyed it.  It was engaging, but some parts got boring.  I do recommend this book, but more specifically to 7-8 graders who are interested in crime and solving problems.

Reviewed by Billy Fial

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