Thursday, December 12, 2013

You Make Me Smile

Marlow, Layn. You Make Me SmileHoliday House , 2013.

You Make Me Smile is a picture book that details a day which begins normally then transforms into a special tale of friendship. An unknown narrator begins the tale with a child waking up on a cold winter day. He assumes it will be boring, but is given a promise that it will soon become special. As the day progresses, the snow begins to fall until it completely covers the ground. The child goes outside to play and then creates a new friend and the narrator, a snowman. The child gives the snowman his smile (hence the title) and they share a picture together. In the end, the snowman talks of the transience of winter and not knowing what weather tomorrow will bring and if he will be able to stay. But he assures the child that if he is patient they can “share a snowy smile again someday.”

While this book was short and to the point I thought it shared a very special meaning and I could see young readers connecting to the text. I think that aside from the obvious meaning of the text it can be used to describe several similar situations (i.e. death, or a parent who is traveling). The text is accessible for young readers because there are beautifully illustrated pictures that accompany descriptive yet decodable words.

I would recommend this book to a kindergarten teacher as a read aloud story or to a learning reader to increase their confidence and passion for reading.

April McCoy, BGSU Student

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