Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Narrow Escape

Kerrin, Jessica Scott. A Narrow Escape.  2013. Kids Can Press.

This story is about a boy whose father owns a large cannery and the town is located on the coast.  The boy is put in charge of caring for his class' cactus but the breaks the cactus and comes up with an elaborate scheme to pass the trouble onto someone else while using the town's lobster festival as aid.

The story is written as the view of the main character (Norris) as well as a narrator.  The author does use some repetitive phrasing of similar words throughout the text.  As far as the difficulty of text, the author uses many vocabulary words such as accusation and dismissively.

The illustrations in this book are located on the front and back covers, within the front and back cover when opened, and a small picture at the beginning of each new chapter.  These illustrations are done in watercolor and pencil.  The pictures at the start of each chapter give the best insight into what is occurring.

I certainly would recommend this book to children.  It is well written and is just challenging enough for children from ages 8 to 10.  These ages I recommend specifically because the text has words that would be challenging for to these ages but also the different writing styles would enhance comprehension.


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