Sunday, December 15, 2013

Albert Einstein: Brilliant Scientist

Tourville, Amanda Doering. Albert Einstein: Brilliant Scientist. 2013, ABDO: Magic Wagon.

This book describes Albert Einstein's life.  The author's purpose is to inform readers of Einstein's life, accomplishments, and facts about him through a narrative.  The author's writing style is informational.  She uses a descriptive approach to relay Einstein's life to readers.  The illustrations capture Einstein's life in a watercolor medium.  They depict Einstein and the points the author mentions.

This book is great to introduce Einstein to children in grades 2-4.  Physics, science, and math topics are addressed.  I think children will enjoy this book because there are also fun facts to accompany the information.  Students in need of doing a biography could easily extract useful information from this book.  I enjoyed this read and believe it would be greatly appreciated and liked in a classroom library or a school library.


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