Monday, December 09, 2013

Under the Light

Whitcomb, Laura. Under the Light: A Novel. , 2013.

This book is about Helen, a ghost, needing a body so she could be with her beloved. Jenny was her host and James, the beloved, was with Blake.  The story goes on to explain how the ghosts intertwined Jenny and Blake's lives.

I feel that the author uses a lot of great detail, "She looks exhausted as she set her purse on a chair, but the next moment her eyes were sharp and she grabbed my arm with an iron grip, hushing me with a finger to her lips."  The details make the images come alive.  Also the initialized conversations between Helen and Jenny stick out.  
There is only the front cover.  It is a very whimsically done with a photo of a girl making a ripple effect in the water.  This photo is connected and creates a ripple on one another.
I would recommend it to other kids.  I feel this book is more suited for the upper range of middle level students.  The book is not difficult, however, the content is better for older students.  Ages 14-17 year olds.
Reviewer: Grace Mulvihill

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