Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jackie Robinson: American Hero

Robinson, Sharon. Jackie Robinson: American Hero. New York: Scholastic, Inc, 2013. 

Jackie Robinson: American Hero talks about Jackie's family life and how he got interested in sports in general and how it led up to baseball.  Jackie was a young black male growing up in a time where there was a lot of racial problems making it tough for him to be on a white team.

It's a unique story opening by describing how the game would be if you were there before introducing who Jackie Robinson is.  Ex. "Jackie Robinson danced off third base.  He was going to try to steal home."  throughout the book the author is able to really connect with the reader through specific game examples, his love life, and what it was like to go through that.

The pictures used in this biography were all real photos taken during his and baseball career.  Having real photographs impacts the reader more because it is a true story.

I think when books talk about how someone great succeeds during the hardest times it is really inspirational for anyone.  Jackie Robinson achieved great things and really helped break racial barriers and I think it's important for all kids/people to be educated on it.  Younger kids may not understand as much but certainly in the middle school age range.

Reviewer: Tamera Cochran

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