Friday, December 06, 2013

Hiding Phil

Barclay, Eric. Hiding Phil. 2013. Scholastic.

Three children find an elephant named Phil.  They bring him home to play but then realize mom and dad won't like him.  They hide him in many places, eventually mom and dad find out and ship him off, but finally let him come back to stay.

Barclay has geared this book to a young age and made all the thought processes so children can enjoy them.  It is fiction and kids enjoy fiction!

The illustrations are wonderful with a lot of colors and just enough detail.  The pages are not too overbearing and would be enjoyed by all ages.

I most definitely recommend this book to kids.  It is something they could read on their own and it is humorous.  Students PreK- grade 2 would enjoy reading this.

Samantha Ramkey, BGSU student

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