Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dragon Run

Matthews, Patrick. Dragon Run. New York, N.Y: Scholastic Press, 2013.

It is about a boy who was labeled and then had to fight for his life.  He ultimately saved the people he loved by defeating the dragons and proving his label incorrect.

His style is very blunt with very little suspense or cliff hangers.  A very well told story but not enough cliff hangers.  He didn't explain some things as well as I would have liked either.

I think the front cover describes the overall scene of the book very well because it shows a lowly human standing up to a mighty dragon.

I really enjoyed reading the book, I'm not sure if he is planning on writing a sequel or not but he didn't finish the story very well.  He left  a lot of things out in the open.  I would recommend this book for anyone middle school on up because it is a good story with a great moral.

Reviewer: DWR

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