Friday, April 23, 2010

Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Pride

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Pride. Disney/Jump at the Sun Books 2009. ISBN:9780786807673.

This non-fiction book is about a woman going to different places and she is talking about the Bible in front of a lot of people. The illustrations show a lot of detail. For example, at the end of the book, you could tell that she was really mad because she put her hand in a fist and she pounded it on a desk. Also, most of the color is brown. My favorite part was when she went to court and told everyone about the Bible in front of a lot of people. I also liked the part when she pounded her fist on the desk. I would recommend this book to grown-ups because it was in the olden days and younger kids were not around in the olden days which is why I recommend this book for grown-ups. I would say that this is a good book.

B.H., Kenwood School, 3rd grade

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