Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Will be Especially Very Careful

Child, Lauren. I Will Be Especially Very Careful. Dial Books for Young Readers. 2009. ISBN 9780803733794

This book is about A little girl named Lola who wants to swap things with her friend Lotta. They are going to swap a fluffy coat and a pink clip hand bag. Lola lost Lotta's coat but a girl in the library named Minnie found the fluffy coat! The illustrations are really awesome. The illustrations are just like paper. It also looks like someone printed some things off the computer. My favorite part is when Lola sees a girl with a melting Popsicle and her borther, Charlie, has tape in his hand so she goes toward Charlie. I would recommend this book to second graders because someone in second grade would like it.

S. T. Kenwood Schook, 3rd Grade.

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