Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Beckoning Cat

Nishizuka, Koko. The Beckoning Cat. Holiday House: 2009. ISBN: 9780823420513.

My book is about a boy that has a sick father. The boy's name was Yohie. Yohie sold fish to buy medicine for his dad. Then Yohie found a stray cat. The cat attracted customers to Yohie to buy fish. Yohie became rich. The illustrations are great. They are very enchanting. I like how they used water colors, colored pencil and ink. My favorite part was when Yohie opened up his store. Because his father was ok, and Yohie was rich, and people from all around came to see his cat. I would recommend this book to my friends because I think they would like it.

R.M. Kenwood School, 3rd Grade

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