Thursday, April 29, 2010


Jensen, Niels R. Ohio. ABDO: 2010. ISBN: 9781604536706.

My book is about Ohio's geography, climate, weather, plants, animals, history, people, cities, transportation, natural resources, industry, sports, entertainment, and timeline of Ohio. The illustrations are photographs. The pictures are are small, big, and normal sizes. The older pictures are darker and the new ones are sometimes bright. One or two are painted. My favorite part was the famous people, because I never knew most of them lived in Ohio. I like the sports too because they are two of my favorite baseball teams, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians. I would recommend this book to grades 3 and up, because it is non-fiction and younger kids like fiction books. I know because I was one. I would also recommend this book to people who like non-fiction history.
D.Q. Kenwood Elementary, 3rd Grade.

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