Friday, April 30, 2010

Global Warming and the Dinosaurs

Arnold, Caroline. Global Warming and the Dinosaurs. Clarion Books. 2009.
ISBN: 9780618803385.

My book is about dinosaurs that lived in polar regions. It's about how they survived in the cold places and how they found food. It's also about where they lived and how they got there. The illustrations are very realistic and have lots of color. I like the pictures because of how the illustrator made the background and how she made the things come closer and closer and closer.
My favorite part was about the dinosaurs that lived in Siberia, Canada, Antarctica, and Australia. Like the titanosaurs which lived in Siberia and the T-Rex lived in Canada and the other ones. I would recommend this book to older kids because it is pretty long and has some pretty complicated words and phrases. I personally liked it a lot.

N.H., Kenwood School, 3rd Grade

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