Thursday, November 05, 2009

Words to My Life's Song

Bryan, Ashley. Words to My Life's Song. Illustrated by Ashley Bryan and Bill McGuinness. Antheneum Books for Young Readers: 2009. ISBN: 9781416905417.

Words to My Life's Song is a book about the life of a marvelous artist named Ashley Bryan. He tells the story from his very first home to his present life, painting on the Cranberry Islands. It also explains his Cranberry Island home on every other page. The descriptive photographs show the island and his home. The other illustrations are Ashley's fantastic paintings. His paintings are extremely colorful and full of beauty. This book is packed with details of Ashley Bryan's wonderful life. I personally wasn't a huge fan of this book. I felt that it was confusing and not always in chronological order. It had beautiful artwork, though. It made the book a lot more exciting and fun. I don't really like nonfiction books, but others would love this book. Students looking for a nonfiction book for a report should look at this book. I would recommend this book to kids 8 and older.

J.S., 7th Grade, Eastwood Middle School

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