Thursday, November 05, 2009

Acids and Bases

Brent, Lynnette. Acids and Bases. Crabtree: 2009. ISBN: 9780778742395.

Acids and Bases by Lynnette Brent is a non-fiction book. The fabulous features in this book include the table of contents, informational text, pictures that go with every page, captions that tell what is happening in them, tables/charts, a glossary, index, and different websites that interact with the reading. This book is very informational and has a wide range of good vocabulary. It also has some acid and base experiments that you can do at home. It has great pictures that go with the text and they help you understand what the author is trying to teach you. It tells how different acids and bases react with each other and what is the safest way to perform experiments. It has safety hazards and tell you what to do if a strong acid or base gets on your skin. I liked the book very much, although it did get a bit boring on some pages that talked about things I already knew. For instance on pages 22 and 23 they talked about the environment and acids and what they can do to affect the environment. I learned a lot of new definitions and what acids and bases are. I learned about how different acids and bases are used. I like the pictures because they helped me understand the informational text better. Also the pictures have explanations to them that I liked. I would recommend this book to children ages ten to thirteen. I think children who like to learn about science would like it and who would want more information on acids and bases.

K.L. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

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