Thursday, November 05, 2009


Otfinoski, Steven. Alligators. Marshall Cavendish: 2009. ISBN: 9780761429302.

Alligators is a very interesting book. Every page is packed full of information for almost anything you might want to know about alligators. The pictures in this book are simply wonderful; they made me want to keep reading the book even more. The pictures were very well selected and they go perfectly with the text. I really enjoyed this book mainly because of the pictures. Otfinoski did a wonderful job taking information that people may not find interesting and making it fun with great pictures. I recommend this book to anyone that needs to find information on alligators. Otfinoski leaves out the bias, too. I definitely think that anyone who needs, or wants to know anything about alligators should read this book.

K.M., 7th Grade, Eastwood Middle School

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