Thursday, November 05, 2009

Butterflies and Moths

Bishop, Nic. Butterflies and Moths. Scholastic: 2009. ISBN: 9780439877572.

Butterflies and Moths is a fascinating book! It gives great detail about how butterflies are born, how they eat, and about caterpillars' lives as well. The book is intriguing as it pulls you into the everyday lives of caterpillars, butterflies and moths. The photos in this book are magnified so that you can see exactly what a caterpillar and butterfly look like when they are doing something. Page 18 captivated me because it gave so much detail on what happens to different caterpillars when they are attacked. Another reason I liked this book was because on every page there is bold-faced words that give very interesting facts.
A child between the ages of 7 and 9 would most enjoy this book. I think that children who like science would like to be very informed about butterflies and moths.

E.K., 7th Grade, Eastwood Middle School

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