Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shining Star

Yoo, Paula. Shining Star: the Anna May Wong Story. illustrated by Lin Wang. 2009. Lee & Low Books. ISBN: 9781600602597.

This story is mainly about a Chinese girl who comes to America and becomes a star. Her dad didn't want her to. Then someone was looking for someone to be in a movie and Anna, the girl, told her dad that they would get money if she did it. Then her dad let her. I liked this book because it's about an actress and I want to become an actress when I grow up. It was interesting and fun to read. My favorite page was probably the first page when she's about to get hit by a train. The people who would most enjoy this story is someone who wants to be an actress or actor. There's no age group in my opinion.

S.I., 7th grader, Eastwood Middle School

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