Monday, October 05, 2009

Going, Going, Gone

Katz, Allen. Going,Going, Gone. Illustrated by David Catrow. Simon and Schuster: 2009. ISBN: 9781416906964.

Going, Going, Gone by Allen Katz is a collection of songs with a twist in the lyrics. The lyrics are changed to relate the song to sports. The artwork was created using watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. There are songs for all kinds of sports including: football, baseball, archery, basketball, tennis, bowling, soccer, and more. One of the things that I enjoyed most was the artwork in "Tennis is a Complicated Sport" and I love how the boy is about five times bigger than Jimmy in "Going, Going, Gone." One of my favorite stories was "All Fall Down." I also liked "Ode to Umps and Refs" and "I Gotta Make This Shot." I enjoyed the rest, but these were the best. I would recommend this book to kids between the ages of seven and ten.
Z.L. 7th Grade. Eastwood Middle School.

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