Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Comic Books and Manga

Robson, Eddie. Comic Books and Manga. Crabtree Publishing Company: 2009. ISBN: 9780778738138.

Eddie Robson tells about comic books and how they got started in this non-fiction book. He included pictures of comics, comic and manga characters, people with a lot of comics and people with their favorite comics. He told about sketches and how comics are created. It also told why manga is backwards. I don't read comics very often and Manga comics are hard for me to understand because they are backwards. Thanks to Mr. Robson, now I understand Manga a little better and I know why it is backwards. I really enjoyed this book because it showed pictures of people enjoying comics and old time comics. It also showed comics closer to the present day. I recommend this book to comic book readers, lovers and fans of all ages.

H.L., 7th Grade, Eastwood Middle School

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