Monday, November 25, 2013

Vote for Me!

Robertson, J J, and Marc Mones. Vote for Me!Vero Beach, Fla: Rourke Educational Media, 2013.

Penelope Pony is helping to coordinate the class elections for the year.  The students make posters and help one another prepare their election posters.

The author used short sentences that were conversational based between the classmates.  An example sentence of the author's writing style is provided below.
"No you won't,Snyder.  With my long neck, I can reach it for you."

The primary medium for the illustrations I believe is animated characters that were computer generated. The illustrations were great representation of what the text was describing

I would recommend this book to help demonstrate teamwork as well as to explain how to work together while "competing" against one another on something such as a class election.  I thought this was a great book and the illustrations went well with the text.
I would recommend this book for 7- 9 year olds.

Reviewer: Brittany Scott

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