Wednesday, November 27, 2013

To London to Visit the Queen

Robertson, J. Jean. To London to Visit the Queen. 2013.  Rourke Educational Media.

Camp counselors Omar and Esme take their campers on an adventure to see the Queen in London.  After stopping at Piccadilly Circus to grab something to eat, they head to London to find the Queen.

The author is focusing on the "q" sound and words that begin with the letter "q."  She uses short sentences with simple vocabulary.  There was a word list at the beginning of the book that the students should know prior to reading.

The illustrations were nicely done and computer-generated.  The colors were bright and eye-catching.  The pictures followed along well with the story.  Specifically, I enjoyed the picture of the double-decker bus with Big Ben in the background.

Personally, I believe this book was very confusing.  I would not use this book in my classroom.  The author jumps around too quickly without supplying enough background information.  I am not sure how the students got to London or what Piccadilly Circus is.  The upside down writing in the storybook was extremely confusing as well.

Kimberly Campbell, BGSU student

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