Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?

Middleton, Julie, and Russell Ayto. Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?, Peachtree Publishers, 2013.

This story is about a father and his son at the museum. The father was explaining all about dinosaurs, and the son kept saying that the dinosaurs are alive and doing different things. The father would say that it was just the son's imagination. Then they come to the T-Rex, and something happens ...

The author uses pretty much the same sentence structure and style throughout the entire book. The thing that I noticed the most were the dinosaurs names. They were written a little bigger than the other words. "You see, Dave," said Dad knowledgeably, "That dinosaur there is the Deinochirus. It has some of the longest arms of all the dinosaurs."

The illustrations appear as if they are water color paintings. I believe that the most impressive paintings are the images of the dinosaurs. They all take up two pages, so they are the focal point of each page.

This was a very cute book. It had colorful pictures, as well as a cute story. I would recommend this to other kids, especially kids who are interested in dinosaurs. I think that this book would appeal to kids between the ages of 3 to 5.

Jordan Scanlan, BGSU Student

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