Monday, November 25, 2013

Hunter Moran Hangs Out

Giff, Patricia R. Hunter Moran Hangs Out. , 2013.

Zach and Hunter are twins from a rather large family and when a neighbor girl tells them she heard of a possible kidnapping that is going to happen, they take charge. The twins have only four days until their summer is over so they work hard to find the kidnapper before he strikes.
The writer does use some words that would take some thought to understand it's context.  One word in particular that I noticed was, accomplice.  This word was important to the plot since it is a mystery.  The author used it when she wrote, "No, the accomplice isn't here."
There were very few illustrations within the text.  The ones included in the book created anticipation for the upcoming setting written in the following chapters. These illustrations where mysterious and effective in setting the mood and scene throughout the chapters.
I think that this book has a great story, flow, and plot but I think that the description of the Moran family in the first few chapters is lacking.  This would be a book of recommendation for kids ranging from 9-12 years of age. I think that both boys and girls could enjoy this story.

Reviewer: B.N.T

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