Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prettiest Doll

Willner-Pardo, Gina. Prettiest Doll. New York: Clarion Books, 2012.

A young teenage girl Olivia has won beauty pageants since she was three, and lately she is beginning to wonder if she is just a pretty girl. Then she meets Danny, and on their journey, they think about what they truly want for their lives and what the best thing to do is in their given situations.

The author's writing style was descriptive, yet full of action that gave the story a good flow. She used similes through out the story. For example, she wrote, "It was like elephants in the wild or Disneyland." Her descriptive language allows you to easily picture the story.

The only illustration for the book is a photograph on the cover which is a young girl in her pageant dress with a winner's sash that displays the title. This picture represents the main character in the book. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story! I would recommend the book to high school freshman girls. The writing style and story line is perfect for girls 12 to 15, but some of the language may be more appropriate for high school students.

Elizabeth Myers, BGSU Student

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