Monday, March 21, 2011

Up and Down

Jeffers, Oliver. Up and Down. Philomel. 2010. ISBN:9780399255458.

Once there were two friends who always did everything together until the day the penguin decided he wanted to do something by himself: he wanted to fly. He had wings after all although they didn't seem to work very well. But that didn't stop the penguin from trying, but nothing worked and it wasn't long before he began to run out of ideas. The boy even offered him a ride in his plane, but it wasn't the same as flying and the penguin wanted to do it by himself. I like the characters of the book called The Lost and Found and I like the little legs of the boy and the trees looked like balloons and the boys feet look like sticks. I like this book so much that I read it four times and I like the characters of the book.
Y.A. 4th Grade, Lagrange Elementary.

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