Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Blue House Dog

Blumenthal, Deborah. The Blue House Dog. Peachtree. 2010. ISBN: 9781561455379.

There was a dog who was half German Shepard and something else. One eye was sapphire blue and the other was brown. He used to live with an old man until the man died. After the man died the dog was a stray. Then a boy tried to get him to come to him, but he wouldn't. He fed and watered the dog, but he still didn't come. The boy's dog got sick and died, so he wants the dog named Bones to be his.The pictures are very colorful and bright. They describe the words and show emotion. My opinion about the book is that it is very nicely done, but it need more description to grab the reader's attention. my favorite part was when the boy saves the dog from getting run over by the car. Yes, I recommend this book to kids. I think first through third graders would love this book. I definitely think that 5 to 7 years old is the perfect age group.

M.V. 5th Grade. Lagrange Elementary.

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