Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Written by Pimm van Hest; Illustrated by Kristof Devos

Clavis Publishing, 2015, Ages 5 - 10

This story is about a boy who controls the weather. His emotions are tied to the weather. When he cries, it rains; when he's happy; the sun shines, and so forth. 

The author uses a lot of personification when it comes to the weather. For example, the author writes "the joyful sun beamed down exuberantly." There is also repetition with the word "want". Everyone around Weatherboy wants him to influence the weather the way they want it. One example of this is "I want sun! I want cold! I want snow!" There is also a parallel between Weatherboy and another character named Skateboy. Separately, they are doing the same thing. They are both going "farther and farther" away from where they live until they eventually meet up.

The illustrations have a large variety of color. These colors depend on Weatherboys emotions. If he is sad, the colors are very dark. If he is happy, the colors are bright. The illustrations seem to be done in colored pencils.

I do recommend this boy for any ages, but particularly any child between the ages of 5 and maybe even as old as 12, because of the lesson that is learned. The personification in this book makes it very engaging and cute. I think this age group can definitely relate to the struggles that Weatherboy experiences in this story. Everyone around him is expecting so much of him, and he struggles between trying to make himself happy and make others happy. I love that this book teaches kids that they can be themselves and they don't always have to please others.

Review by Kelly Holmes

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Pimm said...

Dear Kelly Holmes,
thank you very much for your beautiful review of 'our Weatherboy'!
Warm greeting from MMe, PiMM van Hest (author of the book)- The Netherlands