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Vivian Apple At the End of the World

Vivian Apple At the End of the World 
By Katie Coyle
New York, New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014, Ages 12-17

This story is a Modern Day tale of how a church, Church of America, can take over the nation and make citizens believe that a Rapture is about to happen. This tale is about three seventeen year-olds who go on an adventure to find the truth of what exactly happened during the rapture. This tale is focused on Vivian Apple and her personal experience of the Rapture and how she finds the truth about her family and life through her driving cross country from Pittsburgh to California with her best friend Harp and a blue- eyed boy named Peter. The three ending up finding a truth that they were not expecting and thus causing a major plot twist.
The author Katie Coyle, made this story be an adventure for the reader. She used imagery very well in the text. The reader can imagine what is happening and feel the adventure occurring in the story. The author does an excellent job of incorporating humor in the story. The overall concept of the text is grim and with the humor, it makes it more appealing and intriguing to the reader. With this, the idea of friendship and courage is correlated together through the adventure of Vivian and Harp. Even though the book, overall, does not directly relate to the readers life, little parts of what the author writes does. The book focuses on Vivian's growth as a person, and this can relate to a student ages 12 to 17 well and how they can grow to be a stronger person no matter with what they are faced with. 
The only picture of the book is the cover. The cover shows a girl around Vivian's age wearing converse and a yellow dress. This would represent the main character Vivian. She is jumping looking like she is trying to find peace up above. Under her is pavement that similarly represents an X; with the background looking somewhat of an ocean. This background is also very vacant mostly focusing on the girl.This could foreshadow an adventure waiting to happen, where the ocean or somewhere around that area is where the final destination is.
In my opinion, this book is excellent. It is a thrilling adventure that makes you want to keep reading more. I was constantly on the edge of my seat while reading. I had no idea what would come next, and if I did, I was very wrong. The story shows how a young girl grows in a few short months to be a outspoken woman. I appreciated how the author focused on the the young girls being the main characters and the saving grace in the story. The theme that I liked most throughout the story was to take the road less traveled. The characters often did this, and it seemed very much so successful. 

Review by H. Gilbert

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