Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Can't Look Away

Can't Look Away 
By Donna Cooner
New York : Point, 2014, Ages 12-17

This book is about Torrey Grey, a widely famous internet sensation. Torrey loves to post videos about beauty and fashion, but when her sister is killed in an accident, Torrey can't help but think that it might be because of her videos. The only way Torrey knows how to grieve is through the internet, which doesn't go over well with her audience; they bash her because of it. At her brand new school, she doesn't know who to trust and who to stay away from, so when dark and brooding Luis catches Torrey's eye, she doesn't know what to do. With the ultimate help from Luis, and a surprising friendship she finds in Raylene, Torrey learns to accept who she is without the constant adoration from her internet site.

Donna Cooner wrote in such a way that I was entranced in this book from beginning to end. It was written with suspense, heartbreak, and love; some of my favorite things in a good book. There were quotes throughout from Torrey's vlogs at the beginning of each chapter, which I thought really tied in with the whole internet theme of the book. Overall I loved how I was waiting to see what was going to happen next at any point in the point due to her cues and points of suspense.

The only picture in the book is the front title, which is a collage of a girl, assuming she's supposed to be Torrey, sitting in front of a computer making multiple faces that represent her moods throughout the book.

I really enjoyed this book and I think it would make a great addition to a middle school library as a young, love, heartbreaking story. It has a lot of the aspects of what middle school is like, which is why I really think middle schoolers would appeal to this book right away. I would definitely recommend this book to my girlfriends, but like I said more towards middle to high school level readers would enjoy this book much more. Great read! 

Review by Kara Allison

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