Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sam's Pet Temper

Sam's Pet Temper

Written by Sangeeta Bhadra; Illustrated by Marion Arbona

Kids Can Press, 2014, Ages 7-12

Sam's Pet Temper is about a young boy who discovers he has a pet temper. The pet temper pops up during a recess time, because Sam was tired of waiting for his turn on the playground equipment. Sam quickly finds out that his pet temper made way for him, because it cleared the playground. Sam thought this was a good thing ... at first. But Sam quickly realizes that his pet temper caused him to get in trouble - at school and at home. Sam thinks that the pet temper has control of him ... but he will soon find out that he, in-fact, has control over the temper! 

Sangeeta Bhadara's style of writing is playful but strong. Her wording is easy to read along with and would be easy to understand for a young reader.

The illustrations are friendly. Marion Arbona uses a lot of greys, reds, and blues throughout her illustrations. The drawings are very captivating to they eye of the reader.

I really enjoyed reading this book! I thought the idea of having a "pet temper" was a great way to explain the idea of a temper to a young child. I also like that it was a pet - the temper is not who we are - but it's something that we can have control over! This book was sitting on my coffee table one afternoon - and a friend of mine came over and noticed the book. She picked it up and started reading it - and said that this book would be perfect for her 5 year old! Overall, I think this book would be a great way to address the topic of anger or tempers with young kids. 

Review by Amanda Vaculik

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